2021年10月,卷. 27, No. 2


如果你读了八月版的 格鲁吉亚365国际杂志, you know that I cut my proverbial teeth in the legal field under the guidance of an influential mentor, 艾伦·罗伯茨, 在我的家乡,谁是一个成功的单独执业者.

我上高中时为艾伦工作,大学放假回家时也为他工作, I had the opportunity to get hands-on experience in a wide variety of legal tasks in the office and at the courthouse. Even more valuable was the chance to soak up the wisdom of someone who had practiced law for several decades.

在7月下旬, 我参加了今年的State Bar 's Labor导师学院的毕业典礼 & 就业法律部分. It was inspiring to hear the success stories from this year’s class of mentees and mentors—the fruits of their commitment to the betterment of the labor and employment law profession in our state.

这也让我想起了我在阿肯色州和艾伦·罗伯茨一起读书的时光, as well as the many experienced attorneys and judges I have learned and continued to learn from as a lawyer here in Georgia. 导师对我来说一直很重要,我认为这对这个职业至关重要.

The value of mentoring is not lost on the 乔治亚州律师协会 or the dozens of other state bars around the country that have implemented formal mentoring programs for young and new lawyers. Most of us can point to at least one instance where the support and tutelage of a more experienced attorney helped carry us from what we learned in law school to the real-world practice of law.

An ongoing, structured mentoring relationship similar to those facilitated by our State Bar’s Transition Into Law Practice Program is, obviously, 对学员的益处不可估量. But the experienced attorney doing the mentoring also benefits from the opportunity to give back to the profession and remain current and active in a time-commitment-heavy yet rewarding program for all involved.

作为统一的州律师协会,我们为乔治亚州的每一位律师提供服务. 我们不代表任何一个群体的利益凌驾于另一个群体之上. The reason our original State Bar bylaws provide for the establishment of practice area sections is “to afford a medium whereby members of the Bar interested in a particular phase of law or practice may further the work of the State Bar in the development of the unity of the law as a science and its practice as an art, 为了职业的利益和履行其公共义务.”

We depend heavily on the 51 sections that serve both the legal profession and the public by providing section members with practice-specific communications, CLE和其他编程, 也许最重要的是, 有机会与同行进行互动和交流. 因此,任何部分,促进类似于劳工计划 & 就业法科的导师学院对其成员的价值正呈指数级增长, 他们的委托人和我们国家的司法系统.

It was an emotionally uplifting experience for me to hear Jay Rollins talk about the awesome work of the academy. (见第58页Jay的相关文章). 这是专业服务的光辉典范:经验丰富, 有经验的律师与年轻人分享他们的专业知识和经验教训, 新同事为了更大的利益.

U.S. 裁判官Catherine Salinas是学院毕业典礼的特别嘉宾. 萨利纳斯法官是导师制度的有力支持者, 还有乔治亚州立大学法律系学生麦迪逊·海耶斯, 撰写了两份对法律顾问很有帮助的文件:《成为一名好导师的8条建议,你可以在上面找到 page 9,以及导师会议清单. Judge Salinas’ checklist includes items that mentors should cover during meetings with their mentees:

  • 询问生活、兴趣或爱好.
  • 询问未来的工作计划.
  • 如果一个新的任务:
    • 对过去的任务提供反馈.
    • 确保他们理解指令.
    • 提供一个“路过”.”
    • 不要过高估计经验水平.
  • 与组织或社区一起推广学员.
  • 寻找观察机会.
  • 提供资源、联系人或连接.
  • 问学员他们需要什么(开放式问题).
  • 安排下次会议.

The last item on the Mentor Meeting Checklist particularly resonated with me: schedule the next meeting with your mentee. I speak from experience regarding the ease with which a good idea or intention can fall by the wayside because of other commitments. 因此,如果这篇文章鼓励你指导你的学员,并定期出现在你的学员中, 那么我认为它是成功的.

很明显,劳动 & 就业法律部分’s Mentorship Academy and similar programs would not be successful unless both the necessary commitment of time and effort and the ultimate benefits are shared at both ends of the mentor/mentee relationship. 对于渴望学习的年轻律师来说,回报是显而易见且不可估量的. But serving as a mentor can be a revitalizing opportunity to give back to the profession and receive satisfaction from having helped a younger colleague succeed.

对于目前没有提供已建立的指导部分的律师, 或者那些不属于任何部分的人, the State Bar’s Transition Into Law Practice Program (TILPP) is an outstanding resource for newly admitted lawyers. TILPP matches new Bar members with a mentor during their first year of practice for continuing legal education credit. I was fortunate to have been a member of the inaugural class of TILPP participants and still remember going through the program and how it helped create a connection with another lawyer in my firm.

The aim is to provide every newly admitted Bar member with meaningful access to an experienced lawyer equipped to teach the practical skills, seasoned judgment and sensitivity to ethical and professional values necessary to practice law in a highly competent manner. The program was developed by and is operated under the auspices of the Standards of the Profession Committee of the Commission on Continuing Lawyer Competency.

Key elements of TILPP’s mentoring program include regular contact and meetings between the mentor and beginning lawyer; discussions on ethics and professionalism, 客户关系, 实践管理和公益责任, among others; an introduction to the local community; and periodic evaluation of the mentor/mentee relationship.

指导对法律职业的现在和未来都很重要. It’s an opportunity at an early stage of one’s career to continue learning after law school—drawing from the real-world experiences of a veteran lawyer who is willing to share their institutional knowledge for the good of the profession.

The Labor & 就业法律部分’s Mentorship Academy provides a blueprint for any Bar section that wants to incorporate a mentoring program specifically designed for its newer members. I encourage all of our sections and local or voluntary bar associations to consider setting up a similar academy in order to strengthen the future of your practice area in Georgia’s legal community.